Note: You're welcome to use these images as icons for forums and such (amazingly, people actually have done that), but you'll need to download them and host them yourself. If you do, it's nice if you email wench AT and tell me, because I enjoy knowing where the wee pictures are showing up.


Honus Wagner T206 card.

Busch stadium

A picture I took of Busch stadium, from the bleachers.

wee primate

A drawing of a wee primate.

Jedi Pronger

Michael's image of Chris Pronger as a Jedi. He has a blue light saber!

El Presidente

A clip art image that Michael and I have dubbed "El Presidente".

green beer

A picture that Michael took last St. Patrick's Day of his green beer.


The word "are", from a letter written by Babe Ruth. His e's and r's looked very much alike.


The front of one of Michael's Cardinal shirts.


My drawing of a pig.


A picture I took of some waffles.

Boba Fett

Balancing Boba Fett!


Mordecai "Three-Fingered" Brown T206 card.

The Pirate

Stereotypical Pirate. Arr.

Walter Johnson

A picture of Walter Johnson, colorized by Michael.


A picture I took of Chipper Jones at a Pirates/Braves game at PNC Park. ("Chipper is down! Chipper's in pain!")

Blue Note

The St. Louis Blues' logo.


The flag, drawn by Michael.


Porkins' head, photographed at Chevy's Fresh Mex.


The ship, also drawn by Michael.

Shit Cobb

Ty "Shit" Cobb.



ship lamp

A picture of our ship lamp.


A 1934 Cardinals hat.


Wauk, the conure who lived with my grandma.

Cat and Chicken

Cat and Chicken, sleeping.

birds on bat

The Cardinals' old birds on bat logo.

Slap Shot the Frog

Michael's drawing of Slap Shot the Frog.

mountain goat

A mountain goat.

Busch with tarp

Another picture I took of Busch stadium, with the tarp over the field.

silver pig

A piggy bank Monopoly icon.


Christy Mathewson T206 card.

Penguin at Work

The Penguin at Work.

Porkins and Tris

Porkins, hanging on Tris Speaker's Hall of Fame plaque.