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Sarah on 12-March-02 at 03:03 AM from
Hey, I did my best. I know the gtriad image is wrong, and the main image isn't quite right, and the "listen and scroll" and "select a room" buttons do nothing. And this isn't a real chat room so much as a greymatter template, so any attempts at actual chatting will force me to kill this. Stupid bandwidth issues!
Sarah on 12-March-02 at 03:04 AM from
Suggestions to improve the look of this are welcome.
Sarah on 12-March-02 at 03:09 AM from
And if you do two posts in rapid succession, you get an error message. Just hit your back button and reload and your post will be there. I can't figure out how to fix it.
Sarah on 12-March-02 at 03:27 AM from
checking something...
La on 12-March-02 at 09:31 AM from
Pepper on 12-March-02 at 11:57 AM from
Shut up, Indy!
Ponine on 12-March-02 at 10:11 PM from
Woe is me. I want to run away and be a whore!
Ponine on 12-March-02 at 10:12 PM from
(How's THAT for authentic?)
Indy on 12-March-02 at 10:13 PM from
I am nobody's robot!
Nicolette on 13-March-02 at 12:39 AM from
Well, who doesn't want to be a whore?
Nicolette on 13-March-02 at 08:34 AM from
I like pie!
Ponine on 13-March-02 at 10:18 PM from
Too bad all the others have fallen off the planet. A reunion would be a (vaguely creepy) riot.
Nicolette on 14-March-02 at 05:44 AM from
It really is sad that so many of those people died.
RP Moron on 02-April-02 at 11:49 PM from
Pie is so dumb!
Nicolette on 03-June-02 at 02:37 AM from
MEme on 21-July-02 at 08:47 PM from
cool. this is a dead chat
Nicolette on 21-July-02 at 10:08 PM from
Actually, it's not a chat at all. It's a greymatter template. You can't chat here.
Valjean's Bodyslave on 27-July-02 at 11:42 AM from
What's a "greymatter template?"
lance on 27-July-02 at 03:21 PM from
hey what is up with every one today
lance on 27-July-02 at 03:21 PM from
hey what is up with every one today
Nicolette on 27-July-02 at 06:25 PM from
you can learn all about greymatter here: http://noahgrey.com/greysoft/
MCMXCIX on 10-August-02 at 05:25 PM from
And everything like that.
Abigail on 11-August-02 at 01:13 AM from
Greymatter is the stuff in your head. Unscramble this: SeJus Voles uyo.
Nicolette on 11-August-02 at 03:28 AM from
"Yo, use Joel's SUV!"
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:38 AM from
My ass looks so good in this pair of jeans...
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:40 AM from
Where's Harper lately?
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:43 AM from
It's all good though.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:44 AM from
My ass always looks good...
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:46 AM from
As do my Popeye like (although not as extreme) forearms.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:49 AM from
I'm as bored as the day is long.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:51 AM from
There's always whoring.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:56 AM from
My favorite part of Encino Man is when Sean Astin gets the sack at the end, and the whole Irish team carry him out of the stadium on their shoulders.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:58 AM from
The Old Timer doesn't play Hank Williams Jr. for nobody!
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 08:59 AM from
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 11-August-02 at 09:00 AM from
Sassafras, that good ol' yoller tea.
Loaf of Bread on 11-August-02 at 11:05 AM from
"SeJus Voles uyo" is Jesus Loves You?
Nicolette on 11-August-02 at 05:12 PM from
Well, yeah, but only if you want to be all obvious about it. It's also "J. uses solve you", but that doesn't make much sense. And that was some good posting, boy.
MCMXCIX (Mike) on 13-August-02 at 12:48 PM from
Harper contacted me, so he isn't dead. I think he was just lost in a field of corn or something.
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 09:56 AM from
I love you fake chatroom. You are my only friend.
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 09:58 AM from
Raise your hands enthusiastically if you want me to "go yard".
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 10:02 AM from
Los osos pardos. Por mucho tiempo habitaron la Peninsula Iberica de norte a sur. Hoy, apenas quedan cien osos pardos en la peninsula. Por eso, la especie esta en peligro de extincion pese a los esfuerzos por salvarla.
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 10:03 AM from
If I go yard would you introduce me to Superman?
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 10:04 AM from
If I go really yard would you please call me Superman.
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 10:07 AM from
MCMXCIX on 14-August-02 at 10:41 AM from
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Eponie on 30-August-02 at 10:19 AM from
Eponie on 30-August-02 at 10:21 AM from
Little_Cosette on 11-October-02 at 04:44 PM from
andileen on 11-December-02 at 04:43 PM from
what are the social injustices in the movie?
MikeyV on 06-February-03 at 09:32 AM from
I am new to all of this, I was wondering which Cast recording is the best and all that. So if anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated, my email is mikeyv23@hotmail.com
Atlantima on 15-February-03 at 06:50 AM from
I like the movie.
pat on 24-February-03 at 07:37 PM from
pat on 24-February-03 at 07:37 PM from
does anyone have the piano notes to castle on a cloud?
pat on 24-February-03 at 07:38 PM from
if so could you please send to my email address at patty_080@yahoo.com
bamatabois on 27-February-03 at 05:13 PM from
hello everyone.
sup on 07-March-03 at 05:24 PM from
thebestbabet on 08-March-03 at 04:43 AM from
ne1 got ne tips on how to do the schools edition well?
Nicolette on 12-March-03 at 01:57 AM from
Happy would-be sixth birthday, old chat room! (and first birthday, fake chat room)
Christine on 12-March-03 at 06:09 PM from
Katie on 14-March-03 at 12:14 PM from
Does this thing even work?
Nicolette on 14-March-03 at 02:27 PM from
It works perfectly. Didn't read that first message, did you? This isn't really a chat application.
test on 15-March-03 at 05:59 PM from
Dickey V on 04-April-03 at 02:02 PM from
It's March Ink Madness baby!
Combeferre on 13-May-03 at 07:54 PM from
hi everyone
comberferre on 13-May-03 at 07:55 PM from
is anyone in the school edition right now?
comberferre on 13-May-03 at 07:55 PM from
is anyone in the school edition right now?
rubberducky on 21-May-03 at 07:13 PM from
hi,i have a big project in my lit class 4 lay miz and im kinna drawing some blanks, i have read all 5 book and now for my project i have to pick 4 songs for each book and explain how it realates to a part i have a lot but i have gaps so any suggestions would be killer ! thanks ~ plz any ideas throw um out there w/ how you think they relate it would be ther bomb of you thanks for your time ~DUCKY
rubberducky on 21-May-03 at 09:26 PM from
plz .....
Les Miserables on 10-June-03 at 11:03 PM from
Hey all
Shorty on 10-June-03 at 11:04 PM from
I've never chatted here before
Shorty on 10-June-03 at 11:04 PM from
I've been in the school Edition
Shorty on 10-June-03 at 11:05 PM from
Just to let you know conmferre
demoiselle on 18-June-03 at 02:36 PM from
demoiselle on 18-June-03 at 02:37 PM from
Thenardier on 05-August-03 at 02:36 PM from
I have just been given the part of thenardier in les mis schools edition. this is down in cornwall any one play thenardier here?
Eponie 2 on 06-October-03 at 08:31 PM from
Whats up
Rawr. on 15-November-03 at 12:22 AM from
Also Rawr. on 15-November-03 at 12:23 AM from
Also Moo. Wow. This may be the least lively place on the net.
Zak on 24-November-03 at 04:09 PM from
Anyone know where I can listen to castle on a clooud on the internet (just listen)???
no1 on 24-November-03 at 05:58 PM from
hello is this a lay miz chat or what can we talk about the friggin social injustices or do u ppl want to keep talking about meaningless things that don't pertain to the site at all?
no1 on 24-November-03 at 05:59 PM from
Hello are u a-l-i-v-e?
no1 on 24-November-03 at 06:00 PM from
oh so no one else is bs'ing online anymore? How about those social injustices?!
javert on 25-November-03 at 08:49 AM from
hey pepole
javert on 25-November-03 at 08:49 AM from
hey pepole
q4488ita on 28-November-03 at 12:13 PM from
Does any body know the main theme of Les Miserables?
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:50 PM from
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:51 PM from
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:51 PM from
its a bunch of things
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:51 PM from
umm 2nd chances
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:52 PM from
love obviously
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:52 PM from
the courage to die for a better life
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:52 PM from
does anyone know if les mis on boradway has in fact run its course?
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:53 PM from
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:53 PM from
if u go to sam goody . com or walmart .com
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:53 PM from
you can type in les mis and listen to a portion of it
misslesmis on 02-January-04 at 09:55 PM from
anyone here
misslesmis on 03-January-04 at 04:18 PM from
misslesmis on 03-January-04 at 04:18 PM from
anyone one here
my-gf-is-fantine-and-ill-kill-someone-if-she-has-to-kiss-someone on 14-January-04 at 01:31 AM from
does fantine kiss anyone in les miserables?
Nicolette on 29-January-04 at 04:03 AM from
I think the Gtriad image is right now! It's more right, at any rate.
Christina on 30-January-04 at 01:07 PM from
Does anyone have a Vector image of the Les MisÚrables School Edition girl?
Dreana on 07-March-04 at 10:22 AM from
Hi anybody here? i have one question! does anybody knowe if i can buy les miserables musical on DVD. Please if you know let me know asap. thank you very much!
MmmEponine on 07-March-04 at 08:20 PM from
nope, fantine doesnt kiss anyone!
MmmEponine on 07-March-04 at 08:22 PM from
is she actually your girlfriend!?! in the london show or what?? or were u kidding and am i just being thick?? lol
Nicolette on 12-March-04 at 04:58 AM from
Happy 2nd birthday, Fake Les Mis Chat! And a happy would-be 7th birthday, Old Real Les Mis Chat What Was at Gtriad!
Dreana on 01-April-04 at 11:58 AM from
Hi i see that nobody wants to help me OK. :-/ And i am interesting in: Who is your favourite person in les mis?
kristi on 16-April-04 at 06:37 PM from
where can i find a site to dl or listen to les mis music??
Dreana on 17-April-04 at 04:06 PM from
Dont know!
peter on 02-May-04 at 02:21 PM from
does n e one have the sheet music for I DREAMED A DREAM? if u do, please e-mail it to pedropunk2002@aol.com
M. Enjolras on 08-May-04 at 03:15 PM from
I know where to get it, but I don't have it. Does anyone have Do You Hear the People Sing sheet music for flute and if anyone's interested I have it in French (DYHTPS).
Thenardier on 10-May-04 at 12:14 PM from
My drama group (Seaham and District Yputh Theatre Group) are about to start auditions for Les Mis schools edition. I am to audition for, GUESS WHO?! Anyway, has anyone ever acted in the schools edition as Thenardier or anyone else?
Dreana on 12-May-04 at 07:02 PM from
charleston on 12-May-04 at 07:07 PM from
Hey i love 2 people orlando bloom and sean astin they both are so cute i love them to death i want to marry orlando bloom i want to marry him but sean astin has a wife and kids i don't care he is still a hottie
,,klkl on 13-May-04 at 12:41 PM from
kljlkj on 13-May-04 at 12:41 PM from
gfdgdf on 13-May-04 at 12:41 PM from
gdhgdh on 13-May-04 at 12:42 PM from
M. Enjolras on 16-May-04 at 03:27 PM from
Thenard person, I saw the school edition if that helps you any.
M. Enjolras on 19-May-04 at 07:41 AM from
I guess no one wants to help me. A POX ON THEE!!!!
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:38 PM from
the best javert i've seein was actully in a school production the lad who played javert was named keirian lyn
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:39 PM from
M.ENJOLRAS who play javert in the school versipon you saw
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:41 PM from
i have a recording of or school recording on imesh key words les mis little people the people are keiran lyn and kyle coddwell
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:42 PM from
Thenardier my m8 has played javert
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:43 PM from
Dreana jean val jean n javert and cosste r da best
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:47 PM from
ik want to be in a production as your truly (for tjhose who can't guess javert) well i can't play cossette so i figured javet is the next big thing LMFAO
javert on 22-May-04 at 04:49 PM from
i once whent to les mis twice in a row
javert on 22-May-04 at 05:04 PM from
da gal dat played da older cosset in our school production was fit
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:07 PM from
that should say cosstte n i have just downloaded at the end of the day
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:08 PM from
the only person who kiss in les mis is cosstte
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:09 PM from
javert is da best cos he is evil
jave on 24-May-04 at 04:09 PM from
note: but i feel sorry for cosstte when valjean dies
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:11 PM from
javewrt is the darth vader of the les mis world
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:12 PM from
if ne1 nos where to get les mis the movie on dvd tell me plz
javert on 24-May-04 at 04:13 PM from
n wots da best song peps tell me wat u think i think little people or one day more
eponine on 19-June-04 at 11:15 PM from
hey y'all I am like totally obsessed with le mis... buyt i have a question that i was hoping someone could answer... ya know in the end when fantine comes from heaven and sings with val jean and cosette, marius and eponine... well how come fantine is wearing all white and she is totally pure looking, and eponine is wearing the same clothes with just a cleaner face? did fantine go to heaven, and eponine to hell, because i woulf think it would be the other way around because i mean fantine was a and everything and eponine never did that kind of stuff... ok thanx if anyone has somewhat of an answer that they can give i would love it thanx!!! oh by the way javert, I love the songs: on my own, a little fall of rain, and little people(but only as a joke) bye!
eponine on 19-June-04 at 11:18 PM from
hey im back... just to let ya know what i said about fantine was that she did things she probably shouldn't have... and also I am talking about the dream cast in concert dvd.... and when I said what eponine was wearing i meant that she was wearing the same old rags that she was wearing when she died... ok bye!
Kleptin on 17-July-04 at 09:57 PM from
Wow, so many familiar names
Kleptin on 17-July-04 at 10:01 PM from
TO answer your question, they just showed up in what they were wearing. Fantine died in the same dress and Eponine died in the same rags. Eponine went to heaven because she sacrificed her own life blocking the bullet for Marius and Fantine went to heaven because she sacrificed her life for her daughter. I too love all the songs and have about 75% memorized but not by my own free will. I just leave the mp3s playing whenever i work o.O also, Can anyone tell me Javert's First name?
Kleptin on 17-July-04 at 10:03 PM from
(Not the Javert on this forum mind you)
Kleptin on 17-July-04 at 10:07 PM from
I prefer "One day more", "Little people" was basically a solo without much harmony, but with "One day more" You hear a medley of all the Character's songs. Valjean sings his melody from "Who am I?" Cosette and Marius sing a duet with the melody from "I dreamed a Dream", the Thenadiers' sing the melody from "Master of the house" and etc. And the most ingenius thing is that you see when all these melodies are combined at the end, they all fit together! (I talk too much)
Javert on 29-July-04 at 03:20 PM from
do we find out insector javerts first name in the novel? as i have not yet read all of the novel
Kleptin on 12-August-04 at 05:53 PM from
nope, i've readt it twice
Javert on 22-August-04 at 04:18 PM from
who likes the phantom of the opera?
hi on 16-September-04 at 06:46 AM from
Hello Dudes on 16-September-04 at 06:47 AM from
i am also in seaham's youth theatre group
Nobody's robot on 20-September-04 at 04:44 AM from
Whatever happened to Brad, anyway?
Nicolette on 20-September-04 at 03:49 PM from
I think he was just killed by Hurrican Ivan. It also destroyed his WebTV.
Actor on 24-September-04 at 06:05 PM from
hi is Anyone else from seaham's youth theatre group ?
Young_Les_Mis_Fan on 06-October-04 at 11:08 PM from
Young_Les_Mis_Fan on 06-October-04 at 11:10 PM from
Anyone there...
Young_Les_Mis_Fan on 06-October-04 at 11:11 PM from
Oh,well...later! ^-^
Actor on 08-October-04 at 10:20 AM from
hi i'm here
M. Enjolras on 15-October-04 at 03:48 PM from
Wow. I haven't been here in a long time! So, I guess I just wanted ot say hi and that I have a site: www.freewebs.com/enjolrasgrl32 Most groovy. Have at Toaster filled day!, ~Me~
Grantaire on 20-October-04 at 11:54 AM from
Grantaire on 20-October-04 at 11:55 AM from
is anybody here?
Actor on 26-October-04 at 07:51 AM from
Marius on 27-October-04 at 06:52 PM from
Hay peeps
Richy on 11-November-04 at 07:00 PM from
Hey how is everyone!!!
Richy on 30-November-04 at 04:04 PM from
Does anyone ever come on this website anymore???
chris on 02-December-04 at 09:36 PM from
Brittany on 04-December-04 at 10:03 AM from
Hey whats up i love les miz so much ne one want to talk with me about it?
Brittany on 04-December-04 at 10:05 AM from
Iam going to your website
Hi on 05-December-04 at 08:48 PM from
Hi Brittany how ya doin' E-Maol me on Richytheactor@hotmail.com!!!!! And we'll Chat.
hi on 06-December-04 at 08:07 AM from
[img]http://images.google.co.uk/images? q=tbn:6sezRvGlpK4J:www.kjkproductions.org/images/2004/L MSE-no_bckg_200.gif[/img]
Richytheactor on 18-December-04 at 08:48 PM from
Yo people
Ronald McDonald on 16-January-05 at 06:03 PM from
Is anyone here
sueS on 23-January-05 at 11:04 AM from
nice to meet u
lolo on 29-January-05 at 06:14 AM from
hi on 29-January-05 at 06:14 AM from
Fantine on 09-February-05 at 08:59 AM from
who is thenardier coz hes only posted once? i go to the same youth group and we open 2nite. I'm a nervous wreck about it!
random student on 13-February-05 at 12:22 PM from
u wer gr8 fantine man
gavaroche on 21-March-05 at 07:01 PM from
ha ha you dont know me
gavaroche on 21-March-05 at 07:01 PM from
ha ha
gavaroche on 21-March-05 at 07:02 PM from
no error came up you lie
m on 02-April-05 at 03:12 AM from
mizzie on 11-April-05 at 07:06 PM from
mizzie on 11-April-05 at 07:07 PM from
anyone here?
mizzie on 11-April-05 at 07:07 PM from
Well, everyone should check out my Les MisÚrables fansite: http://mizzie13.tripod.com
mizzie on 11-April-05 at 07:08 PM from
Bye now!
random student on 21-April-05 at 04:05 PM from
hi ppl
jen on 27-May-05 at 12:51 PM from
rubberducky u there
jen on 27-May-05 at 12:52 PM from
hi ppl
jen on 27-May-05 at 12:52 PM from
one day more def
jen on 27-May-05 at 12:52 PM from
ashley on 01-June-05 at 07:19 PM from
could someone give me a synopsis of the song on my own?
Sarah on 24-August-06 at 12:56 AM from
Sarah on 24-August-06 at 12:58 AM from
I was forced to disable comments here about a year ago due to excessive "ONLINE CASINO!!!!" comment spam. We're talking 200+ such comments an hour. Sorry. :( It broke my heart, considering how awesome most of the posts here are.

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