The Story of the Great Pie Shrine of Windows NT Chat

the pie

Once upon a time, on a cold day in late November of 1997, a post was placed in the Windows NT Chat Room. What did it say? Three simple words:

I like pie!

Who posted these words, and why? The cryptic message defied explanation for years - until now. This is the untold story of The Pie Shrine.

On November 15, 1997, at around 12:00 AM, a boy wanted a pie. He asked his father to purchase a pie. In anticipation, he wrote "I like pie!" in the deserted Windows NT chat room. (Hours were spent by the boy and his brother, looking for a bottle of 7-Up with a winning "Naughty or Nice?" gamepiece, but that's another story.) The next day, he discovered that other people who liked pie had responded to the post. And so it became - The Pie Shrine.

Over the years, The Pie Shrine has changed and grown. In it's early days, The Pie Shrine had frequent visitors who would leave key limes in worship. Later, an extention of The Great Pie Shrine was created on the web page Nic and Gav's Land of Fun. Many people submitted their testimonies and stories, sharing with the world what pie meant to them. Eventually, the chat moderaters grew tired of the Windows NT chat room being spammed night after night with the post, "PIE! PIE! PIE! I LIKE PIE!" scrolled by the mysterious "PIE MAN". A new chat room was created, The Pie Shrine Chat. At last, pie had received the recognition it so deserved! Alas, with the coming of the evil log-in system, The Pie Shrine Chat was removed to symbolize the people's loss of freedom in the hands of the tyrannical new ruler of GTriad. But no one could take the love of pie out of the people's heart - the Windows NT Chat has once again become the unofficial Great Pie Shrine.

While most people loved pie, some people opposed the worship of that particular false idol. Others thought that the Windows NT Chat was meant only for the discussion of Windows NT - fortunately, their efforts to revive chats about that subject were in vain, as no one ever met up with anyone else in the room. Some losers even attempted to desecrate private pie shrines, such as the one at Nic and Gav's Land of Fun, via pathetic non-pie-related spam (as if the testimonies weren't screened before being posted).

But a few pie lovers still stand strong in support of pie and it's greatness. These brave souls are not afraid to stand up and tell the world they like pie. And so long as pie lovers continue to declare this love in The Great Pie Shrine, chat rooms like this shall not be useless.

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